Double Take: #allmymovies

by Marina Blitshteyn


shia’s face is mesmerizing and i watched it happen

his lips are always moist and his eyes spell the kind of intensity and sincerity that i remember once in al pacino 

unfortunately fame has also turned him into a douchebag, the kind of douchebag comfortable with public spectacle, utter disregard of other people, and complete immersion in his own whims 

perhaps the most grotesque thing about watching shia watch his own films is how much he loves the smell of his own shit

no self-critical wrinkle washes over his face

it’s just a smug smirk from boring beginning to nowhere end

don’t get me wrong i love shia

i loved his work for sia and his passion, which for the purposes of this line of thought i’m attributing to a love of craft not a love of self

and it can’t be easy for a child star–visibility brings its own kind of destructive narcissism and i don’t envy that in anyone

i guess what i was hoping for as i watched his expression change from proud to amused to proud again was a little bit of that fear that makes men into noble actors, that mortal fear of making garbage work that could outlive you

i’m looking forward to seeing what fresh adventures in the art world shia will cook up, but i’m not holding my breath for a real groundshaker, though i might still watch him holding his 

What do you think?

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