Why Did Women March Yesterday? Here’s Your Answer.

By Courtney Leigh Jameson

Why did I march yesterday? 

Because when I was in high school, I was brutally kicked in the chest by a male who had been a friend, but was mad at my other male friends and decided to kick me to the ground instead. 

Because when I lost my virginity, I was the slut. 

Because when I was in college, my male neighbor tried to force himself into my apartment at 3am one morning and (also in the same apartment complex) my upstairs neighbor stalked me and tried multiple times to get me up to his apartment, and (again same apartment) some creepy dude stole all my underwear and bras out of the washing machine. 

Because I was forced to quit a job at ASU because my male coworker told me and another girl that men HAVE to rape, and then asked me to sit on his lap in his cubicle. He became my supervisor, and when I told another manager I was uncomfortable, they threatened to fire me.

 Because I still deal with workplace misogynists. Like when someone poked out my eyes with a pen in all my pics outside the cubicle. Like when a male employee called me stupid. Like when a male employee cursed at me (by the way this happened yesterday) – same coworker who also feels free to touch me and untie my shirts for “fun”. 

Because this is only a fraction of the times I’ve felt helpless and wronged and gross. 

Because I know my daughter will have to suffer this too. Because I don’t want her to suffer this feeling of, “I’m nothing but a shitty, shameful, slutty girl” because she’s not, nor will be and nor was I. 

Not all men are like this and I so treasure the men I have known and currently know who refuse to treat women this way. BUT, where things are headed, where things are, I will not stand for it. I will march against it and I will take down any motherfucker that treats me, my daughter or any woman with this kind of disrespect. #whyimarch

What do you think?

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