New Poem by Ex-Co-Workers

This week’s poem is brought you by ex-co-workers at an insurance agency in New York, NY. While employed as a customer service representative, I often received complaints from individuals with bizarre company names or intriguing personal names. Once a week, at minimum, I would shout out across the cubicle: Oh. My. God. This Broker Has The Worst Name.

I always jotted them down or took a screenshot and would rarely reference it again but would be awfully amused for the next thirty minutes. My ex-co-workers apparently just get me and they kept a running list of these names after I left (shout out to Yasemin and Jack!) and sent me an email of them a few months ago.

This email sits in my inbox as “starred” – i.e. very important – and I open it every now and then for a good laugh. This poem-list feels incredibly appropriate for this platform and I’m glad to share it with someone else now.

I hope you’ll come back next week for more words to motivate you to check that email one more time.



Distinguished Names

Medium Lipstick, LTD
Baby World Trading Corp
George Pappageorge
Another Happy Day LLC
Awesome Town Community Association, Inc
Yury Shitller
Edward Pizza and Edward Pizza Jr.
SAAD Enterprises
Breeaad International, Inc
McMonies LLC
The Naked Lady Ranch, Inc.
Biggshots LLC
Prince & Princess Co-op Artists
Daddy’s Dollars, LP
Dubsdread Condo
Customers Rule Insurance Agency
Mary Mannfolk
Hanging Out LLC
We Got It Ready LLC
Beef Shack 3 LLC
Nick Penesis
Spread Eagle Homeowners Association
Cummins Station, LLC
Matt Horney
Weiner Management
Jesus Colon
Kent Clark
Second Base LLC
Agent ID: ASSGR00
Richard (Dick) Harder
Bless You Realty, Inc


This list-poem has been slightly edited for order preference.

What do you think?

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