Opinion: We Need More Art Like Kathy Griffin’s 

By Donnie Cianciatto

TODAY: the mothercovfefe in the White House will likely pull us out of the Paris Agreement (because global warming isn’t real), is reversing Obamacare’s mandate on birth control (because women and their healthcare aren’t important), and has told world leaders to call him on his cell phone (because Hillary deserved to be locked up for using a private email server, but Trump is special and can do whatever he wants – security be damned)…

…and people are all like, “Gee, I think Kathy Griffin went too far.

I want to see more art like that photo. I want to see more resistance from artists, from people with fans and followings. I want to see more anger and frustration and rage. I want to see more people stand up and do something, make a statement, push boundaries, let him know how we FEEL. I want to see unapologetic take-downs of 45 in every artistic way imaginable.

I want to see people channel their emotions into creations that fight the shitty circumstances we’ve been given by Russia and the bullshit that is the electoral college. I want “this is not normal” and “stand up, fight back” to be more than words we type on social media or chant at rallies. Art is a reflection of our surroundings, and it doesn’t all have to be Disney, cat memes, and hugs. It should make us uncomfortable. It should challenge us to change things. 

I love Michelle Obama, but I am sick of “they go low, we go high.” That’s a beautiful ideology, but impractical in reality. It implies that things like anger, rage, frustration, or sorrow are “bad” – that feeling them somehow makes us “low” people. It suggests that we sit back and take every single thing 45 and his administration of racist, misogynist old white men throw at us. It implies that we’re too good to fight back. It leads us to do nothing but pat ourselves on the back for being the better person and taking the higher road. It’s subtle gaslighting that can cause use to believe that feeling anger or rage is wrong, and we’re bad people for it. 

Those things need to be felt, not ignored. We need to get mad. We need to be pissed the fuck off. We need to get off our “they’ll come around” asses and realize that we’re dealing with people who do not care if we live or die. People who will be the cause of thousands of people’s deaths by cutting their health coverage and not even blink an eye. People who don’t care about education, worker’s rights, women, people of any faith other than Christianity. These people are already responsible for the very visible uptick in hate crimes committed against Muslims, people of color, LGBT people – they already have our blood on their bureaucratic hands, and will have more if we let them. You can’t “go high” with people who have NO morals, NO scruples. It’s an ineffective tactic at best, dangerous at worst.

And we’re upset over a picture.

C’mon. Stand up. Fight back. You’re not a bad guy for fighting back. You’re not going to hell for punching a nazi. If you’re someone who’s not addressing your emotions because you want to be sure you’re “going high”, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Quit this turn the other cheek shit. We’re losing, here. We’re hurting here. We’re LITERALLY dying here, and our rights are being stripped away from us every single day – literally every single moment that lunatic is in the white house. Do something about it. Stop equating anger with “bad.” Stop being the abused puppy that thinks if it just doesn’t make noise, it won’t get kicked. 

They don’t care if we go high because it works in their favor. I’m tired of it. And I sure as hell am not going to start telling artists what they can and can’t do. 

What do you think?

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