Let Pulse Be Over

By Jean Anthony

Let Pulse be over. Let us put down our guns and never fund Lockheed Martin no more. Wipe off the blood.

Let’s delete shaky cell phone camera footage, the sound of screams, let’s never need to scream again. Dance with me, heal.

 Let Pulse be over, let murdering your trans children be over, let beating the shit out of your bi partners be over. No more martyrs, no more vigils, no more bodies unclaimed. Throw another brick. 

Enough with losing our jobs, pushing us out of our churches, locking up our sick, ending our lives a million ways before we die.

Enough with blaming Blackness and foreigners and Islam for this. America never was America to me.

Let Pulse be over. No more pity and no more scraps. Let’s never hide in a bathroom. Let’s stop playing Katy and Iggy at queer parties every night or any night.

Let’s have fun without flinching or suffocating or crying or panicking. Let the dead rest, may their repose be coupled with every gay and bi and trans person out there finding joy every day of our lives.

 I’ll never stop trying.

What do you think?

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